Between past and present

A change that preserves both the environment and the past of the building. This is the vision that nurtured the Palais Campofranco’s rebirth, built up from its historical foundations into a tribute to the territory through the creative use of smart technologies and natural energy sources. The inner court of the Palais, with its impressive ginkgo tree as a centrepiece, will be revitalised and kept open all year round to give the Palace a central role in Bolzano’s city life.


Over 6,000 square meters
of retail space


Restaurants, bistro, wine shop, take away


Laundry, parking, florist, packing station, greenery and more


Palais Campofranco was built in the second half of the 18th century. During the following century, it was the residence of the Archduke Ranieri Joseph of Austria and his wife, Princess Elisabeth of Savoy. The emblem of the Palace is its monumental ginko biloba tree, a gift for Empress Elisabeth of Austria, more commonly known as Princess Sissi, from her uncle Heinrich.


We are a leisure centre where you can also spend pleasant moments outdoors!

Palais Campofranco is connected to the parking facilities of Waltherplatz square. Entrance and exit by escalator and lift.

We are located in the heart of Bolzano, in the wonderful historic centre, in front of the cathedral.

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we are open!



More to come soon …

tenants Opening hours & contact


Mon.–Fri. 10:00–19:00
Sat. 10:00–18:00
Sun. 11:00–17:00
+39 0471 172 75 17

C&C Apple Premiums Reseller

Mon.–Sat. 09:30–19:00
Sun. 10:00–18:00
+39 0471 32 51 40


Mon.–Sat. 09:30–19:00
Sun. 10:00–18:00
+39 0471 181 47 18


Mon.–Sun. 08:00–22:30
+39 0471 23 69 43

Restaurant Meta

Mon.–Sat. 10:00–01:00
Sun. rest day
+39 342 040 11 31


Mon.–Sat. 08:30–20:00
Sun. 09:00-19:00

Bistro Corte

Mon.–Wed. 08:00–00:00
Thu.–Sat. 08:00–01:00
Sun. rest day

Campo Franz

Mon.–Sat. 08:00-01:00
Sun. rest day

Palais Campofranco

Via della Mostra 3, 39100 Bolzano (BZ) – Italy
Business Hours: from 8.00am – 12.00am and 1.00pm – 5.00pm

T +39 0471 059 500